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    No Loveicon-download
    JasiCaesar Images
    1. No Love // JasiCaesar - No Love
  • jasicaesar-com-wake-9-9-17
    Wake [Snippet]icon-downloadicon-downloadicon-download
    1. Wake // JasiCaesar - The World Is Yours
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    Onto The Next One E.P.icon-downloadicon-downloadicon-download
    JaisCaesar Image collection
    1. Onto The Next One // JasiCaesar - Onto The Next One E.P.
    2. Hypnotize // JasiCaesar - Onto The Next One E.P.
    3. Yansh // JasiCaesar - Onto The Next One E.P.
    4. Party Dey Here // JasiCaesar - Onto The Next One E.P.
    5. Do It // JasiCaesar - Onto The Next One E.P.
    6. Amazing // JasiCaesar - Onto The Next One E.P.
    7. Sexy Lady // JasiCaesar - Onto The Next One E.P.
    8. Gentleman // JasiCaesar - Onto The Next One E.P.
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    Bang Bangicon-downloadicon-downloadicon-download
    JasiCaesar Images
    1. Bang Bang // JasiCaesar - Single
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    Images of JaisCaesar
    1. Eskelebe // JasiCaesar - Eskelebe

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Hip Hop music best artists 2018, News, Video & Entertainment on JasiCaesar.Com

JasiCaesar is a HipHop Artist with diverse entertainment skills and a Master Degree holder in Economics – Cybernetics and Management. His creativity has no boundaries from poetry to rhyming, singing to rapping, inspirational quotes and acting. He has proved he is genuine by been consistent and flexible with his style. He started music professionally after releasing his “Onto The Next One E.P.” available on ITunes and all music retailers world wide which he said was a test to know how the world would react to different genres of music complied together. “I never thought people with different backgrounds could appreciate and love my art”. His recent projects are Eskelebe and Bang Bang which has remained on Indie Music Chat both in Europe and in America since it first release with a visual to match. This new platform is not just about “JasiCaesar” it is generally for the world, news, events, lifestyle, fashion, music, sports, latest on entertainment, inspirational quotes, poetry and all forms of art and creativity. I feel like there are more greatness we can learn from one another but we’ve got limited sharing platforms, the reason i made this for you and you and you. – JasiCaesar.

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JasiCaesar Images
Bang Bang // JasiCaesar - Single
  1. Bang Bang // JasiCaesar - Single
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