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The Kardashian Sisters Tired Of Rob Chyna Madness

Rob and Blac Chyna made the news again lol. The Kardashian sisters are tired of both of them for their on and off madness, as a matter of fact they don’t want anything to do with the Rob Chyna anymore.

Some few weeks ago they had some issues which led to Black Chyna taking their baby and leaving Rob by himself and no one expected they another hit between the couple so fast.

According to TMZ “Sources close to the situation tell us squabbles like the one this past weekend are standard for Rob and BC. We’re told this fight escalated beyond the norm because Chyna allegedly got physical with Rob right as Corey Gamble showed up to their house … and Corey had to literally rip her off Rob.
We’re told Corey called a couple of the sisters after he’d broken up the fight, and they went over to play peacemakers, but Chyna left before they got there.”

The two are talking once again, but they aren’t living under the same roof. (Not a new thing). Sources said Kim, Khloe and Kourtney are sick of the couple’s constant on and off and this last blowup was just too much to take. They aren’t taking sides though for both Rob and Chyna are to be blamed.


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