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Selena Gomez Took Shots at Justin Bieber on Her New Single “It Ain’t Me”

The Weeknd may or may not have taken a shot or two at Justin Bieber in his Nav collab “Some Way” earlier this week, a possibility that had everyone working overtime to compile all the recent examples of Bieber mocking the XO founder’s catalog. And now, just a day later, we have a new Selena Gomez and Kygo collab that appears to boast some maybe-or-maybe-not shots of its own.

“It Ain’t Me” sees Gomez confirming a former love is very much in the past, opening with a description of a dream in which she and an unnamed individual were “sipping whisky neat.” At some point, according to the lyrics, these two lovers “stopped seeing eye to eye.”

But aside from that, who really knows? Gomez has been teasing the Kygo collab for weeks on social media, though it remains unclear when exactly the song was written or recorded. That “back to 17” bit, however, does raise a few Bieber-related question marks.

In his Nav collab “Some Way,” The Weeknd—who’s apparently doing couple things with Gomez now—said he thinks “your girl fell in love with me.” His “tongue game,” specifically, was self-cited as a “remedy.” Bieber hasn’t responded to either of these new tracks, though he did reveal his feelings on The Weeknd’s music to TMZ last month. “That shit’s wack,” he said. For the record, The Weeknd’s shit is not widely considered to be wack.

Source: Complex.com

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