Souja Boy Will Fight Chris Brown For Rhianna Sake

This fight thing between Chris Brown and Soulja Boy is really getting more interesting day by day. Recently, both of their ex’s kind of got involved in the matter and it all started after Soulja Boy liked Karrueche Tran’s bikini photos which made her stepped into the war zone trying to settle the issue by stating “This drama between both of these two is rediculous it makes no sense… There’s so much more out there in life than Twitter Beefs.” Chris answered her immediatly saying “No one asked for this opinion!!! It ain’t over you!!.. All your friends are your friends because you was Chris Browns Girl! And the other friends you still talk to, i (Bleeped). Once again.. you’re welcome for this pub”

Soulja Boy on the other hand claimed to be fighting Chris in honor of Rihanna, you all remember the story between chris and Rihanna right?

“Thought he was my homie. He fake he just a snake. Never should have let my hand shake.”
Tweeted Soulja Boy with pix of him and Chris shaking hands

“After I knock Chris brown out I’m going to crank that Soulja boy and super man in the ring on his stupid a**,” stated Soulja Boy.

“I was going to chill but now I’m going to finish this nigga. I’m doing it for Rihanna. That was fucked up how he beat her ass like that smh.”

Soulja Boy further blasted Iron Mike Tyson, who’s apparently Breezy Trainer for the fight. “What the f*ck is mike Tyson gonna teach Chris brown?” he wrote. “How to bite my ear off? b*tch the money team never lost shoutout big bro Floyd.”

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